A Bit About Me

I was introduced to the Tarot, and the other mysteries
of the metaphysical world at a young age by my maternal
grandmother, who was American Indian.

This childhood training brings the spiritual influence
of that culture along with the traditional
insights into my readings.

Other interests and studies which are incorporated into
my readings include: Astrology, Past Life and Energy

I have been reading the cards for approximately 50 years,
20 of which have been in a professional capacity.

I am a current member of the American Tarot
Association, and am certified Tarot Grand Master
Professional Tarot Reader, Tarot Master, and Tarot Instructor.

I have my own clientele which I read for in
my own home. I have worked for a #900 psychic line,
and can frequently be found at psychic fairs around
the country, where I practices my craft.

Tarot is a way of life for me and I continually
practice my skills, always striving to bring new
ideas into my readings, which improves the quality
of the readings I do for my clients.